My Opinion - UnitTest

Why I've been attracted by UnitTest. Let's know that.

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All of words are just my personal opinions. It’s not a correct answer. So, If you have any advice, Leave a comment. I will appreciate of that and accept. Seriously I swear.

Why I didn’t use Unit Test

I need more time to use that within production.

“How to prove your work is fine?”

It’s the start point of this post.

That’s my senior’s words. I shocked about those cause’ I never thought about that. My boss is not an engineer and just wanna see the results. So, I don’t need to offer proof of my work. Actually, When I heard TDD, BDD and Unit Test, I just think that I should have to learn that. That’s why the job market wants to take engineers who can write using Unit Test codes. It’s just all what I know about those.

My situation is in the workplace what I have a responsibility of CTO or Head of Developer Team. Yeah, I’m working on Start-up Team. That meant I have the right to order something, decide something and plan something. How pressure of it! I’m just freshman If I were in any company! Anyway, That meant my boss grant me the rights.

I was the first developer when I joined this team. So, I should do everything about IT. Moreover, installing Wi-Fi is my work. At that time, My team was so busy and have tough schedules. The business cycle wasn’t waiting for me. The plans for service function had been changed. So, I had to deploy many times each day. That’s why I couldn’t choose to use Unit Test.

Why are we have to do the Unit Test

1. “How to prove your work is fine?”

These codes will be documentation for the developer or their head of a team.

2. “It will help to focus on your task correctly.”

If you were a beginner, I think You’re in confuse of order many tasks on a project. Then, Your commit history might be messed up by chaos classifying task. Those are meant that you couldn’t regulate your works. But, UnitTest can help to arrange and focus on your tasks.

3. “I know it can’t have 100 percent coverage. But, It’s able to cover what I do.”

I know it can’t have 100 percent coverage. But, It’s able to cover what I do. All of the codes can’t avoid of coupling. If you changed any code, It will affect the others. UnitTest can check the others what those have any problem.

That’s why I learn about UnitTest.